Bromham's Neighbourhood Plan


20-21 February 2015, Launch Event

 Approximately 250 people attended our Launch Event.  We recruited 12 volunteers at the event to help on the Steering Committee and we received over 500 'post-it notes'.  These notes/comments gave us our fist feel for how residents felt about a range of issues.  These issues will help to form part of our questionnaire.

Click here to read the responses from the Launch Event.

October 2015

Thank you for responding to the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire.  The consultation period has now closed and the responses are being assessed.  We have now received almost 600 responses to the questionnaire - a very good response for a large village.  

Since the closing date we have received Bedford Borough Council's Local Plan 2032 consultation paper, which proposes that Bromham, as a major service centre, should be allocated an additional 400-500 houses in the period 2032.  The parish is considering its response to this proposal.

Whatever the ultimate number of additional houses, this proposal is useful to the NHP Group, which is meeting landowners and developers to discuss numbers and types of houses on particular sites.  This will be helpful in deciding where new development should be located.

April 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended our Questionnaire Results Event.  Approximately 220 people attended to view the results. Information from this event is available at the bottom of this page.

Now the sites have been analysed and rated the group will be assessing the preferred sites further.  Once this has been done the NHP group will share the information.

November 2016

Our Issues & Options Consultation is now available online (home page of this website) or you can complete questionnaire that has been delivered to your home.  The Consultation has now closed.  See Issues & Options below to see the preferred sites map.

Issues & Options Site 46

A few people have mentioned that our Issues and Options document shows Site 46 Bedford North Station in Figure 1 but it does not appear in the document subsequently in the list of preferred sites for housing.  This is because it is a site for the proposed Bedford North railway station.  We included the site in the 2015 questionnaire because it was not clear at the time whether it would also include housing.  We subsequently learned that it would not.  There was a similar issue in relation to Stie 45, Molliver's Field, which is proposed as a site for a school and/or a solar energy farm.

We have explained these changes in previous neighbourhood planning documents and at the Village Hall event in April when we set out the questionnaire findings.  However, we accept that we could have made the point more clearly in the Issues and Options paper.  Nevertheless, site 46 does not provide a credible alternative site for housing developments.  it is not a housing site and so cannot be in our preferred sites for housing.

Statement from Neighbourhood Plan Group re Cerdo/Kler Group Consultation, Land at Northampton Road

29 March 2017

This week residents have received a consultation from Cerda Planning/Kler Group in connection with Land North of Northampton Road, Bromham.

Bromham Parish Council and Bromham Neighbourhood Plan Group are NOT connected with, and knew nothing about this consultation.  This site is not a preferred site for development in Bromham as is clear from the two consultation exercises the Neighbourhood Plan Group has undertaken with residents.  We believe it is important that residents were able to compare and consider all of the sites under consideration and so can form a rounded view about the location of development within the village.  The Northampton Road site was included in both of the consultation exercises along with all of the other sites proposed within the village.

Bromham Neighbourhood Plan Group, 29 March 2017

6.6.2017 -  Bromham Parish Council/Neighbourhood Plan Group response to Local Plan Consultation - Click here