Following a complaint the bottlebank located in the Village Hall Car Park was identified as a ‘daytime’ noise nuisance by Bedford Borough Council Environmental Health Officers in 2014.


As a result Bromham PC agreed, following advice from Environmental Health, to change the existing ‘skip type’ bottlebank to the current insulated plastic type banks to reduce the noise nuisance and these were provided by Bedford   Borough Council.


Unfortunately, the new type bottlebanks have a reduced capacity of 1 tonne and cost double the amount to empty per week. The original bottlebank solution resulted in an annual surplus to the Parish Council of approx. £3,000 per year which was used to fund services to residents. In fact, with the new bottlebank arrangements, the Parish is now losing approximately £200 per quarter. This will obviously have a major impact on our ability to provide services to residents at the same level as in the past.


Because of concerns over an evening noise nuisance Bedford Borough Council have subsequently changed the bottlebanks to thicker walled banks and after monitoring their use over the Christmas period have confirmed there is no noise nuisance, day or night.


Bromham PC and Bedford Borough Council have agreed to add two further banks (1 white and 1 green glass) to increase capacity and hopefully, therefore, make our recycling viable. The new banks are now in place and will be trialed for approximately 6 months.


Bromham Parish Council does not want to lose this recycling facility but any solution must be cost effective for Bromham residents. Parish Councillors are aware of this and will continue to work with Bedford Borough Council in an attempt to reach such a solution.


Please continue to use the bottlebank but keeping to the agreed opening hours:


Monday – Friday 8am – 7pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm


Failure to comply with the opening times may result in further monitoring by Bedford Borough Council.