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Bromham Parish Council

Village Hall

Village Road



MK43 8JP

Tel: 01234 828851



Office Opening Times:

Monday - Thursday 10am - 2pm, Friday 10am - 12 noon


 Parish Councillors Contact Details


Position/Committee/Group Forename Surname: Address: Tel No. Email:    
Chair Sian Woodfine 45 Village Road 07831 635365

F&GP Michael Burgess 10   Berry Drive 07808 063086

P & A Chair, F Keith Smith 46 Oakley Road 822825

F Chair Trevor Roff 24   Molivers Lane 822525    
P, F Roger Hawkins 21   Brett Drive    
P, A, E Valerie Brinson c/o  Bromham Parish Council 826020    
F Elizabeth Luder c/o   Bromham Parish Council 828851    
F David Cooper 1   Chestnut Avenue 07710-427350    
A Anne Baker 68a   Village Road 826596    
A, E Kyle Palmer 11 Brett Drive 07543 649502

P, A Xian Mayes 25 Mayhew Close

P, A, E Mira Tysoe 20 Mayhew Close  07793-277201    
P, A Chris Arnouti 2 Batcheldor Gardens 07956-635515

A= Amenity, P = Planning, F= Finance, E= Events Group


To view Bromham Parish Councillors Register of Interests click here