Neighbourhood Watch


Please report any suspicious individuals or activity to Bedfordshire Police on 101


Neighbourhood Watch is one of the most effective crime reduction initiatives and its values are recognised by our partners, the Police, the Fire & Rescue Service and the Borough and Parish Councils. It is about people getting together and actively making a positive impact on crime in their area.

The activity of Watch members can foster a new community spirit and a belief on the community’s ability to tackle problems, and it brings extra security in knowing your neighbours are keeping a watch on your property too. Neighbourhood Watch is about:

  •  Reducing crime
  •  Reducing the fear of crime
  •  Working together for a safer neighbourhood
  •  Keeping our property and community secure

By joining Bedford & District Neighbourhood Watch you will become part of one of the most successful and long-standing schemes in the whole country. Bromham already has a number of successful local street schemes, but new schemes can easily be created to cover other areas of the village. Members can sign up to receive free advice from the Police and Fire Service on local crime and security measures. A properly organised street scheme in your area may also reduce the cost of your home and contents insurance.

If you would like to know more about Neighbourhood Watch in Bromham, contact Area Co-ordinator Peter Argyle on 01234 822698, email or visit the Bedford & District website at