Superfast Broadband for Bromham


Most of Bromham Parish now has access to superfast broadband (speeds greater than 24 Mbps). The main exceptions are the Peacock Road area off Northampton Road and the Bridge End area. These areas should go superfast in Phase 1 (around the end of 2016) of the Borough Council’s second broadband project. Keep in touch at



Why you should get it? 

Having a faster broadband connection allows several people to use internet services in the home at one time. You can view and download from the internet quicker and will have improved access to online shopping, banking and public services and be able to stay in touch with family and friends in new ways. Children may be more able to do their homework or you could do an online training course.  

From a business perspective, faster broadband can provide good access to a range of on-line services eg for accounting, transactions, file transfer, data storage/back-up, marketing and support. If you have a job elsewhere you may also find that you could work from home just as effectively. You could also be in a better position to consider setting up your own business and running it from home.  


A wider benefit of high take-up (the number of people using superfast broadband) 

Higher take-up means more money back to the Council for further superfast broadband investment which will help reach the more difficult last few premises. 


How to get it? 

Contact your internet service provider (or other ISPs). 


How much will it cost? 

Information on the broadband packages that different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are offering and the cost of those packages are available via their websites. Prices are generally affordable and may not be much more than you are currently paying for standard broadband. 


Where can you find out more? 

There’s loads more information on the Borough Council’s website, including answers to lots of questions.