Salem Thrift - Ancient Wood


Salem Thrift and Parklands area including the Community Orchard 


Salem Thrift is an ancient semi-natural wood dating back to at least 1300 and consequently is of considerable ecological and historical value. It was part of the Allen estate that was developed in the 1990s to form the Parklands Housing Estate. Under an agreement with the developers the ancient wood, playing fields and adjoining lake all came into the ownership of the Parish Council as an area to be enjoyed by villagers and visitors alike. 


Management of the area


The Parish Council has developed this area – creating the community orchard and opening up “rides” through the wood which are wide paths cut regularly to encourage flora and fauna as well as managing the 30 acres of woodland. It is a considerable area with heavier work done by contractors often as training exercises for their employees which reduces the cost to the parish. Coppicing and clearance of the rides pathways however done by volunteers including Bromham Conservation Group and Parklands Residents. Anyone interested in helping with this work please contact either of these groups. 


Salem Thrift 


Salem Thrift is a particularly lovely wood and is full of wildlife. Because of the existence of certain flowers – wood anemone, bluebells, early purple orchid - it is thought that the wood dates back at least 600 years and possibly is an original part of the ancient forest that covered the whole of lowland Britain! 


There are a wide variety of native tree species rather than the one or two that might be found in a “planted” wood. However the woods have been managed through its history – look for evidence of coppicing and pollarding. When the woods were owned by the Allen family there were trees introduced from around the world but these were mainly in the cultivated grounds of the old house.  


We welcome visitors to the ancient and new woodland and pasture. Enjoy the snowdrops in winter and the bluebells in Spring. Please be aware that some of the paths can become muddy in winter and that some small areas are fenced to protect trees from damage by deer and rabbits. There are paths laid out for your use and at all times please follow the advice below: Be safe - plan ahead and follow any signs. Leave gates and property as you find them Protect plants and animals, and take your litter home. Keep dogs under close control. Consider other people








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